Landscape Specialists Sussex

Kingdom Landscapes offers landscaping services in and around Brighton and Hove. We have over twenty years experience in landscaping gardens and over the last few years we have built up a good customer base in the city. Most of our business comes from referrals, for which we are very grateful to our existing customers.

Our garden landscaping services include:

Tree Surgery and Hedge Cutting

Timber Decking and Patios

Garden Fences, wooden panel fences and feather edge fences

Retaining Walls, we specialise in building retaining walls using railway sleepers

Turfing, levelling and laying top grade lawns

Garden Clearance


Flower Beds Brighton & Hove

Another use of walls in your garden is to construct raised beds for flowers or a vegetable patch.


Turfing Brighton & Hove

We source the best quality turf to lay lawns that will last the distance in your garden. When it comes to turfing a lot of work needs to go into preparing the ground for your new lawn. It does not help buying the best rolls of turf money can buy if you have an uneven surface riddled with weeds beneath it. For this reason we use a rotavator to churn up the ground and then we rake out unwanted weeds and other debris. Then we spend some time raking the ground until we're satisfied that the lawn can be laid on a nice smooth surface. The final step before laying the lawn is to compact the soil so that dips don't sink in once the turf has been laid.

We are always happy to see customers' reactions to a new lawn ‐ it's amazing what a difference it makes to your garden.

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Retaining Walls Sussex

Many of the gardens in Brighton are situated on sloping ground, which can make your garden impractical, especially if you want an area for garden furniture and a barbecue. One solution to this problem is to build retaining walls on one side of the garden and then level the soil to give you a nice flat garden. The severity of the slope in your garden will determine how high and where you place the retaining walls. Often a long garden can be divided into two or three sections of level ground with the help of retaining walls.


Retaining Wall Materials Sussex

We highly recommend the use of railway sleepers over concrete blocks or brick when building retaining walls. It is a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing option for building retaining walls in your garden. We have different sizes and colours of sleepers available, and we secure them using 4"x4" posts which are hidden in the construction, leaving a smooth finish. Timber retaining walls look great in gardens with timber fences or decking. The retaining walls can support ground areas covered with turf or pebbles.

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